Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ballarat and Beijing: better and worse

Oh god. It just doesn't get any better. London journalist bags Ballarat athlete. London journo bags "our" (don't forget even American basketball coaches who stayed here for more 20 minutes are labelled 'Ballarat residents') Erin Carroll for being the first athlete to lose in the Olympics.

Carroll had not been in the original Australia team, but snuck in when some
spaces were reallocated by the International Badminton Federation. She has been
playing at the top level for a couple of years, so she was happy just to have
taken part. Which is not something you hear often from an Australian.

Ooooooooh! Fire up the jingo machine! Man the patriotic defences! Get someone famous from Ballarat to say those British people are mean and nasty and anyway we have a bigger tally than you andwhataboutourmineral richesandwehavenicerbeachesandexcellentfruitywines. At a reasonable price.

Here's the latest from the Show With No Name Studios: