Monday, May 26, 2008

For those about to Mok: we salute you

No-one but the Show With No Name could do it - a one hour special broadcast to commemorate the return of Tony 'The Mok' Mokbel to the warm and loving arms of Australian justice.
It was a broadcast that brought forth the best of the world's entertainment industry, from Australian legends Queen Bea and Vinegar Tits to the remarkable spontaneous performance of Chinese Democracy by Axl Rose live at the Albury Showgrounds.

We'll never see the likes of this again.... here's the highlights

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Show With No Name playlist May 20 - special Rock for the Mock edition

It was emotional. It was intensive. There's probably gonna be some 'tube of it 'cos it was at times hysterical. Here's the tunes, or as much as I can remember.

The full list of Mok tunes wil be listed as soon as the audio is carved... lazy tongueless bugger I am, but... Mok the Casbah, Mok Around the Clock, even the surprise inclusion of the Tony Bartuccio dancers just couldn't compete with Only the Tony in the early heats...
But anyway... here's the tunes for our many* listeners .

The Prisoner - Iron Maiden
Tony's Theme - Pixies
Maniac Blues - The Bell Rays
We Don't Understand You - Front End Loader (live)
Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak
Carlton - Skyhooks
Welcome to the Jungle - Guns n Roses
Killer Parties - The Hold Steady (remix)
Jailbreak - AC/DC
Hate the Police - Mudhoney
Riot In Cell Block #9 - The Coasters
Chains of Love - The Dirtbombs

7 O'Clock Mock Mix
For Whom the mokBell Tolls - Metallica
Thousand Points of Hate - Anthrax
Over You - The Dwarves

Stay Hungry - Twisted Sister
(And a huge shoutout to the first caller in two years who called about the music. Right on!)

100 Fresh Disciples - Nokturnl
Zombie Woof - Frank Zappa
Smile - Quadbox
I'm So Bad Baby I Don't Care - Motorhead
September Crush - Asteroid B612
Eiffel Tower High - Husker Du
I Got Chills - The Bronx
New Direction - Gorilla Biscuits

*word 'many' may not correspond with any dictionary definition

Sunday, May 18, 2008

For those about to rock - or wooga wooga

Can't begin to tell y'all about the awesome rock-throbbing power of Camp Street the other night, with Ballarat legendary goth kings/queens/royalty Immaculata in the Helen MacPherson Cancer Stiff Theatre on one side and Tassie's bad boy duo betterknown as the Beasties from Hobart stylee (otherwise known as The Scientists of Modern Music) on the other in Ye Olde Karova, you couldn't go wrong.
After the sad post-AFI baby-baby rock of Talk Radio, the earnest college kooky rockness of Neon Love began the night properly, to be followed by those two little rascals bangin' the electro vibe like Dr Who with a strapped-on Angus model Gibson SG... with bonus dance moves. What's not to like? These Scientists of Modern Music received my thrustily put $10 for a CD and all is well.

While we've been hard at the Youtubin the switchboard has gone wild, hence we've had to include the Sebastopol-Redan remix of the Frank Callahan Lal Lal sessions tapes right here and now due to the pressure of the public persuasion (yeah, it's cut short to a minute or so):

we hope that's suffficient for the hard rock appetite of our devoted listeners.

meanwhile, we're talking about a new way of getting down Humffray Street and a new way of employing the energy of youth for our mutual entertainment.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cure for the winter horn, Kyle Sandilands and backpain

That's about the long and short of it judging from the latest Youtube that's gone up... bless us, you mothers, for we have sinned.

There's also the report into the Big Horn of Ballarat, following scenes of wild hysteria in the studios last week.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Show With No Name playlist May 13

An exciting week this week. We walked in the studio to find the right wing of the Liberal party have turned their insane eye to regional Victorian community radio stations: a giant sign saying 'Voice FM is now a no obscene language station'.

And not an unwashed copulating Semite in sight.

I asked whether someone has deleted Cold Chisel's Bow River and Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side from their constantly browsing computer, used to replace humans in making this thing called radio... I think a well researched letter to the Board is in order, with demands for a a new list of obscenity. Having been a zine publisher back in the 90s and finding out the list of words you're not allowed to put on the front pages of Australian magazines or newspapers, I look forward to embedding the words 'smoo' and 'nunga' in all manner of speech.

FZ - The Illinois Enema Bandit
AC/DC - Back in Black
Dirtbombs - Leopard Man at the C & A
G-Love - Things That I Used to Do
Eddie Bo - If Its Good to You It's Good For You
Jimi Hendrix - Izzabella
Sons and Daughters - Guilt Complex
Soundgarden - Outshined
The Hold Steady - The Swish
The Riptides - Cigarettes and Alcohol
Dogbuoy - UpRock

The 7 O'Clock Nup, Winter Is Still Creating Fear and Loathing mix
Sublime - Falling Idols
Sick of It All - This Day and Age
Bad Brains - Build a Nation
Ministry - Greed, Power, Corruption

Fear Factory - Cars
Open Hand - Take No Action
Urban Dance Squad - Alienated
Fugazi - Suggestion
Chuck E Weiss - Pygmy Fund
Black Sabbath - Iron Man
Harem Scarem - Animal Tracks
Eli Paperboy Reid and the True Loves - Doin't the Boom Boom
The Kinks - I Gotta Move
Bay City Rollers - Bang Shang a Lang

Although if you listen, I think Joe Dole is fast becoming the real outro theme song for the Show...

Ballarat's old jazz musicians come to play

It's beautiful - finally, the lost Frank Callahan tapes are coming to light, and yes, there's even footage of the classic psychedelic Lal Lal sessions that have been spoken about only in whispers in the teahouses and senior citizen's clubs of B-Town.

We can reveal to you here that yessir, he can boogie. Ladeez and gennilmen... with thanks to one of the longlost Balla-diaspora, a woman known only as the Queen of Rock (there is none higher) - the lost Frank Callahan: the Lal Lal Tapes episode one.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Show With No Name playlist May 2nd

Having been ripped off twice now by the Detroit Cobras (the first being to having waited years and dutifully paying for two tix to see 'em play like a bunch of smacked out zombies at the Prince) - the second being paying for their new album - we got back in the swing of things this week. There seems to be a pattern developing of the "A-to-Z" approach to rock here - A being AC/DC and Z being Zappa. But I digress.

The In Crowd - Blow Up
Detroit Cobras - Leave My Kitten Alone
Mickey Murray - Hit Record
Love Machine - Witches Wand
PJ Harvey - 50 foot Queenie
Tragically Hip - Use It Up
The Who - Leaving Here
Queens of the Stone Age - How to Handle a Rope
Supersuckers - On the Couch
Dan Penn - If Love Was Money
Killer Pussy - Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage
Lard - Mate, Spawn and Die
The Hellacopters - Disappointment Blues

The Chill Winds of Winter Footdown 7o'clock rock mix
Metallica - Motorbreath
AFI - Wester
Skatenigs - Hoosegow
Motorhead - Iron Fist

The Bell Rays - Psychotic Hate Man
Tine Turner - Get It On
Ed Kuepper - Real to Me
Midnight Oil - Written in the Heart
AC/DC - Up to My Neck In You
The Fat Thing - It's Got My Leg
Frank Zappa - Underground Acid Rock Freakout Music
Solomon Bourke - I Ain't Got You
Beasts of Bourbon - Let's Get Funky
Fishbone - Deep Inside
Rose Tattoo - TV Song
Dirtbombs - Everlovin' Man
Bay City Rollers - Bang Shang Alang

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The agony, the ecstasy, the Logie

And the best Logie goes to..... For best coverage of this historic event. Thankyou for the requests for some 'Tube of our superb Sally from Home and Away is Leaving special. We shall endeavour to prise.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Show With No Name playlist April 29

The memorial vials of rock set for Tom McKenney
Looks like I found the playlist for our special show live from Her Majesty's Theatre during the Chaser show... we started out giving Tom his due props and then made our way into some classic stuff - come on, where else on the radio are you gonna find The Waitresses as well as Tasmania's greatest ever hardcore/rock band, Mouth?

Nowhere, I sez!

Any Downers - Frank Zappa
Dancin' Fool - Frank Zappa
(He'll Never Be An) Ole Man River - TISM
God My Heart Is Ready - Chris Whitley
Could I Have Been So Blind - Black Crowes
Trespassing - Skull Snaps
I Know What Boys Like - The Waitresses
I Wanna Rock - Twisted Sister
Victim Chant - Mouth
Holy Diver - Dio
They Hated Us In Scandinavia - The Dirtbombs
Everglade - L7
Non-Alignment Pact - Pere Ubu
Young Spunk - Buster Brown

7 O'Clock Rock set:
Gotta Go - Agnostic Front
Accelerator - The Dwarves
Time's Up - Living Colour
80s Girl - The Descendants

Shakin Rock and Roll - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
A.Harry Mainstay - Mars Volta
Weird Revolution - Butthole Surfers
Tommy the Cat - Primus
Hole in her Belly - Pig in a Can
Magic Fingers - Frank Zappa
14 Years in Rowville - TISM
Nothing's Ever Gonna Be the Same Again - You Am I
Los Hombres No Elan - Voodoo Glowskulls
You Are What You Is - The Persuasions
Satanville - The Throwaways
Bang Shang A Lang - Bay City Rollers

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Feelin' kinda Tubey

Been experimenting with this new fangled Youtube player.... click on the doohickey to the right of the play button and you'll find some of my latest Youtube faves, including (but not limited to) the classic Adrian Edmundson-directed video for Zodiac Mindwarp, the Saul Bass-style remake of the Star Wars opening credits, Mick Dog's awesome find of the 1950s Mum throwing knives at her children, and the classic drum battle between Buddy Rich and Animal on the Muppets among others.

Get into it! Soon enough we'll have footage of MickDog's awesome 'All You Can Meat' tour of late night Ballarat, proving once again that Ralph magazine has the latest news when it comes to social movements in our once golden city...

And thanks for all the correspondence (none) but I can't seem to find the playlist for the special Chaser-edition broadcast for the Show.... so it goes

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Show with No Name and Todd McKenney: revelations

It's true. All the rumours are true. Lenny reveals our part in the Todd McKenney media circus here:

More news at 11...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

More reality than one show can handle

Hello Fans,

I'd just like to thank Bigguth Dicketh for their comments on Ballarat as the rootiest place on Earth (see comments on "This is where we Live").

As to changing the motto I think there are some fine suggestions.
Other mottos I'd considered were "Ballarat! Will root for piss!" or "Crack a Fat in Ballarat!" or "Buy me a drink and you can sink the pink".

Of course the next thing to do is to create a reality television program, filmed in several local locations, called "The Night Rider" where contestants are pitted against each other to pick up as many drunken hump bunnies as they can in a single night.
Points given for creative bonking locations, evading security cameras and not giving out their real names.
Points deducted for spewing (either party), poor coital performance and pregnancy.

In my opinion, if something as lame as "The Girls of the Playboy mansion" can cobble together half an hour of some blonde ninnies buying a Gonk doll in their hometown of Arsecrack, Montana (but failing to deliver the standard 8 boob shots or blandly filming Hef as he wanders around with his viagra drip calling everyone "Puffin Cakes" ), then a real time show where strapping young lads are given a $100 drink card and access to Australia's most up for it chicks should rate through the rooty roof!

Throw in a couple of piss weak street fights, a short scrag match over a taxi, cap it off with a clumsy crack at it at the Bus Stop and it has to be a hands down (yer pants) winner.
Who wouldn't want to watch some bloke on his third girdle getting a txt from the producers to say that his rival has just bagged his fourth muffin, then watching in thrilled anticipation the young fella talks his way past the bouncers, gets one more closing time Bacardi, masterfully grabbing the nearest ho-bo and her gravity challenged friend, in order to get in one last match winning double hump in before 3am closing and then submitting the saucy footage over a bacon style breakfast at the National Nine Network ? (although to be fair I think Seven is really gunna be the one to step up and see the dollars here).

Sure they'll be some nay-sayers. There always is.
But all we need to do is remind them that free wheeling sex and drugs kept everyone sane during the Goldrush and that Sovereign Hill really needs a 1850's brothel, with sheep skin franga's or syphilis lollypops for the kids if we are going to truly celebrate our heritage and move forwards with our heads held high (or hair held back).

All for now,

Mick "Minty dude fresher available soon!" Dog