Sunday, February 17, 2008

How many album sales does it take to get to number 1?

I found out something interesting last night. Was dining with a character known as Systah BB over a sandwich and 8 or 9 litres of quality grape moonshine from a local still, and she asked me how many albums did it take to get to number 1 in Australia.

She asked me about the new Timbaland album - which zapped to number 1 on the Aussie album charts a week or so ago. How many albums did I think it takes to get to that esteemed level?


How about.... (old fasioned drum roll by Animal from Hey Hey, if you will)


Yep, 3,000. In fact, if you could call a half-cold pie sold at the MCG during a crap footy match an album, we'd top the charts with 'D'ya want sauce with that' no probs....

And people are still questioning whether the music industry is viable... hmmm. Speaking of people who drip from their mouths, I was handed a DVD of classic Ballarat 80s band Tabu the other day. Nice one. We might just have to see if we can't get some of it on air for this coming week's Show With No Name. We think Lenny has been contracted by Britney's people to help the young lass deal with her insanity.

I'm guessing the answer will be "don't stop till you get enough"...

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