Monday, April 28, 2008

Australian World Series Protest a Fizzer - Touring teams only

You'd have thunk the worldwide return (and return to Channel Ten) of a bunch of big brawny goons of either sex going at it with big rubber Monkey Sticks would have inspired something a bit more colourful and athletic - sadly the Australian stage of Olympic World Series Protest turned out to a match between two touring teams, with the home team off doing something else... (maybe all caught up on the reading from the 2020 conference)

World Series Protest Australia began in such nice fashion... By 4pm that day the only videos on Google Video were from Central China TV - saying it was all very orderly and pleasant.
Over at the Daily Telegraph, Garry Linnell's video report (watch it, it's good on the spot stuff) and the accompanying text painted a different picture... The Abe (excusee.. Ballarat term for the dear old Aunty Broadcasting Corp) in Canberra gave it a good nudge too, getting amongst it down on the front line for a good understanding of the vibe amongst the team members on either side.

The Away teams kicking off, rather than any real Home side representation meant very little further media discussion about it but also, as Mick so eruditely put it, no-one's used the Torch in a method that gives a bit of a singe to the contestants as they make their dash through the security cordon to help give the coverage more of a positive spin. Still, what a special sight to see all those Chinese flags waving in Canberra - jeez, can't see any insane redneck backlash coming there... where's Alan Jones when you need a good race riot?
And today the torch made a triumphant unimpeded tour through North Korea - a place where they really know how to put on a secure, heavily armed and Non-Attendance Fatal invitation to the public to come along and be supportive of the deal. You can see those Aussie Olympic patriots all quietly agreeing now that's how you organise a parade... where to next? I believe we're headed south to Vietnam, Taiwan (oops! cancelled!) then after a very exciting dash through Hong Kong it gets to light young James Packer's cigar in Macau before the glorious march through the Himalayas...
We need some rock and roll salvation - Midnight Oil got to wear the Sorry tracksuit - what outfit could we get for an Aussie band to play at the opening ceremony, do you think? We'll be pondering that and more questions in tomorrow night's Show... and answering the emails (none) and enquiries about what's happened to the show for the last fortnight (two).


The Hack said...

Garrett and his sorry tracksuit should have been included in the Australian leg of World Series Protest. The torch "attendants could have touched Big Pete's trakkies while wrestling a protester and we could have had a flaming Garrett streaking down Commonwealth Avenue like a comet. Spectacular.

Vinnie the Skip said...

Awesome idea. What about a vodka-soaked Jimmy Barnes shot from a cannon through a burning hoop made by ex-Bardot members, to land amidst a napalm soaked collection of LRB members (yes including the Voice). Everyone wears trakkies. A nation could be proud of a ceremony like that.