Sunday, April 13, 2008

When the radio's the world

A dozy grey Sunday morning is echoing with the previous night's rock'n soul party - and the first time I properly figured out the ridiculous ease and quality of plugging the 'puter into the stereo. And what a Saturday night - kitchen cookin' smells, liberal amounts of grape juice and Steve Cross knocking out the Many Moods of Mick Collins feature upon Beat Orgy, 6-8 Saturday nights on 3RRR FM through a tastefully crankin' set of speakers.

Thumpin' rock and soul taking the listeners off on a journey through a couple of decades and a shitload of bands under the uniting theme of the Big Bloke With the Bad Arse Shades, Mick Collins - meaning getting to hear loadsa Dirtbombs in the process. And did I mention Steve Cross? It was rock'n'roll radio heaven, reminding me all over again how good we get it not just in Melbourne, but Melbourne's legacy to those music radio lovers out of reach of the transmitter on Mount Dandenong. Steve Cross (I have heard some call him 'Crossy...') sounds like the suave, erudite and slyly wisecracking music journo we never had in Australian print.

Sure, there's been half-decent stuff, but there's something about the way this guy serves it up - there's the suggestion of the naively passionate collector nut buried behind the hipster who's not too cool, giving us something we've come to expect from Melbourne public radio - superbly crafted programs that leave you in a semi-hypnotic daze afterwards they've been so beautifully listenable, personable, amiable. And did we mention Mick Collins? And recommend the Dirtbombs latest We Have You Surrounded?... knocked out with bursts of regularity via our own Show each week... as reinforced by their awesome, Blow the Roof Off a Venue Without One show at Golden Plains this year... More coffee, more morning blast into a Sunday carvin' the ones and zeroes...

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