Sunday, May 4, 2008

Feelin' kinda Tubey

Been experimenting with this new fangled Youtube player.... click on the doohickey to the right of the play button and you'll find some of my latest Youtube faves, including (but not limited to) the classic Adrian Edmundson-directed video for Zodiac Mindwarp, the Saul Bass-style remake of the Star Wars opening credits, Mick Dog's awesome find of the 1950s Mum throwing knives at her children, and the classic drum battle between Buddy Rich and Animal on the Muppets among others.

Get into it! Soon enough we'll have footage of MickDog's awesome 'All You Can Meat' tour of late night Ballarat, proving once again that Ralph magazine has the latest news when it comes to social movements in our once golden city...

And thanks for all the correspondence (none) but I can't seem to find the playlist for the special Chaser-edition broadcast for the Show.... so it goes

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