Sunday, June 15, 2008

Peak oil fever hits Ballarat

It's coming... it's coming.... Len and Mick have been ensconsced in the Viper Room in L.A finishing off the last of the tax that ol' mate wassisname said was left in the locker at the train station... Anyway due to the oil crisis we haven't had a show on air, but this is the first cut from the bowl of congealing dim sims that is my brain right now...
Kick the fuck on!


That's all right now... currently hard at the mincer, making more dimsim meat for the next parts of the feast that is Peakin' Oil in Ballarat. The Show With No Name is back on the air this week, by hook, crook, or petrol price mook - in the meantime, siddown and relax as we consider a future of the world as the Juice Crisis takes hold...

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