Sunday, October 19, 2008

Show With no Name: Ballarat's shiny glitter turd ball

There's nothing greater than having your elected representatives spark off a philsophical debate; tjere's nothing warmer than that feeling of engaging with the bigger questions in life other than How Did A Bunch Of Rich Guys With Rat Cunning End Up Getting Greedy and Criminal - so when a Ballarat councillor who's resigned saying this is the worst council in history ends up on the front page saying the report showing how Mayor Quimby carved up Springfield and earned a few dollars off the monorail will get spun but you can't polish a turd...

Well that's when Mick and Lenny spring into action. Local history is their specialty. The Legend of the Giant Jesus-Shaped Glittering Turd Ball of Sturt Street and Steven Hawking's role in analysing the role of Ballarat's local councillors in the actual operation of a city council responsible for millions of dollars' worth of stuff for the ever-lovin rate-payin' descendants of Eureka... well, that's how we finish part 01 of this week's edition, anyway:

Also, here Len give an insight into what it's like having a man from Religion visit your house and promise you a life free from pain (and later on remembering when people would play the gorilla bones for the Pope); along with an investigation of car trouble under the current petrol scheme - in particular the fine art of hitch-hiking at Bathurst and getting Skaifey to pick you up on Conrod Straight.

And a big part two
Oh yes. It Just Keeps On Coming. Take a deep breath and wade amongst it as Lenny ponders the fashions of the 90s and an age when the shirts would go out and have a better time than he.

Of course, television news. Pork-Zan the Jungle Man and a long line of surrealistic euphemisms; the links with Sting, Jaimie Oliver and the horrible Obese Ear Syndrome, bringing in the Only Leans Beats diet craze; AC/DC performing on the back of Billy Connolly at Ayres Rock* in the long awaited new Denim Tampon tour; Martha Reeves projected on the back of Robin Wiilliams at the MCG; Prince playing North Techh and Lenny's admission of the Boot.

*A Pam Ayres limerick festival at Colac. No relation to Uluru, a sacred Australian landmark.

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