Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Show With No Name podcast November cleanout

And yes, it has been a bit weak in the pants with not putting up audio, and thankyou to the two guys in Creswick who found my email and sent the photos of their arses in respect for the creative process.

So anyway - let the good times roll and the deebs bounce.

Here's the stuff...

Part one, in which in which Lenny and Mick chew over the new Rollins rant, pick over the bones of the new Guns n Roses album Chinese Democracy, peer in trepidation at the latest sex film starring Gene Simmons and wonder why Ballarat Council is not supporting its posties with better, tougher motorbikes.

And after the halftime oranges:

In which Mick reveals the new cooking tips from Gordon Ramsay for Australia; Lenny explains how he's being assailed by bread products; the Vatican apologises to John Lennon for him saying God is a wanker and the lads discuss the Christmas bargains and fabulous entertainment yet to arrive upon our doorstep.

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