Friday, April 24, 2009

Ballarat's only radio podcast is back

Greetings, thankyou for the cards (none), the calls (none) and the hookers'n'blow so deserving of a high quality showbiz team that are so central to life in Ballarat and the wider western Victoria region.

What, with one member succumbing to lung ebola, another finding explosives packed in his lower intestine and another having his scapula smashed by a ballpeen hammer in a freak Easter accident, it's been touching to know the community has been there, hanging on edge

Through it all Len's been the rock.. the roll, the country (pretty sure that's what he called me) and something of the punk by keepin' the band kickin. Ballarat's turning to its dark side... the months where bands are formed, relationships are broken up, bottles are drained and the lights stay on... a long hard winter needs good'n'hard radio.

And the best little radio podcast in the wilds of Australia is the B-Town Show With No Name...

April bums in Q-Bar edition

Whereby the intrpid duo of Len and Floppy Cocksure investigate the hidden mystery behind Ruddo the WonderTort's new high priced meals dispute; a revelation of the lost Rick Rubin/Slim Dusty recordings and a sneak peak at Slim's version of a Nirvana classic; the dangers of wandering in to a Ballarat takeaway food shop, pointing at the roasted chickens and yelling "THAT'S NOT THE GOOSE"; guest spot by Ballarat showbiz supremo and stalwart Dr Tony Hardstart.

Leading us to the reunion of aformentioned members and the return to form...

Back in the saddle - episode 1.

In which Jesus drops his gaspers. Professor Tad Shabster addresses the Ballarat DeceptivelyStupid Bastards Society when his public speech on alcohol and public health develops into his new theory and invention for underwater flight. The hidden history of false killer whales in 90s Australian folk music; the new Minki system for clubbing your way on to Victorian public transport; the new beer ad to be filmed in Ballarat and the promise of barrell rolling on Sturt Street...

And then, after the cheezels were handed around - part 2

Tracking down The Ballarat Prune Strudlers' meeting and behind-closed doors action; the Smear Jesus for Ballarat festival; the lost story of St Interruptus in the story of Jesus and the disciples and the lost story of of just trying to snap off a length while a hundred people ask you meaningless questions; outrageous scenes in a local church sermon... it just gets a bit odd there for a bit... and the link between Australia's traditional exploding balls of test cricket, the Pope's midget handlers and the Humpty Doo football clubroom...

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