Sunday, April 12, 2009

Show With No Name podcast pre-Easter discharge edition

Here 'tis served meaty and fresh to all our outta town Mexicali greebos, B-Town beer slingers and bus-drivin' cohorts out there: some of the latest slices out of the Utility Dim Sim Research Area from the Show With No Name, broadcast most Tuesday nights on radio 99.9FM as they are ingested and experienced via the majestic O'Brien Rooms recording studios in Ballarat.

Part 01
Just before Easter the fellas give us a quick whip around some of the mighty festivals that have happened outside and around the village of Ballarat, including the Heidegger Festival; a discussion speeding judges and why they might want to lie in order to get out of a traffic fine; the involvement of European wasps in so many Australian speeding incidents; the Ballarat muppethespians weekend master class of dancing; the special preview of the new Willie Nelson film; controversy brewing in biblical circles over the the Pope's comments on condoms (although we are indeed anticipating giving the new Pell mechanical dinger a red hot soon); and a look at the Vatican's new plans to shield itself from the descending moral chaos by blasting off from the Earth until it gets better

Part 02
Humphrey and Fat Cat together on a new hip-hop tour; a bumper year for films and the new French sound recordist detective opening in Ballarat's alternative cinemas this week (and the surprise the re-appearance of Wally Walpimuir); the long history of philosopher plumbers and detectives in crime cinema and the wider role of European philosophers in rock; the sad news about the rise in Doug Parkinson's Disease in ageing Australian musicians and the effort to rehabilitate the Dave Grey wing of one of the key medical centres; the special case of Leo Sayer and the cop buddy series Sayer to Sayer, the rise and rise of new Australian reality show You Make Feel Like Hanson; and the final recognition of Kank Wolverang in the Logie nominations, along with the special mention for Herbert and Sherbet Berbet... and you know Don Lane is evoked not long after. Let 'er rip!

And so we kick on into Easter - until then, drive the nail that little bit further!

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Anonymous said...

Berzerk. I want to see the plumbing detctive.