Sunday, April 12, 2009

Roll back the rock, it's Easter time in Ballarat

There are some things that just get funnier as time goes on. One of them is how intensely bizarre the whitefolk of B-Town get in their desperate clinging to some sort of patchwork collection of beliefs, traditions and annual 'festive' gatherings.

Exhibit (a) I give you Easter in Ballarat. Here we have not music festivals - like Apollo Bay, Mortlake, Mildura, Meredith or the Town That Makes Us Shelbyville, Bendigo.
We have a special festival that's even better than live, living culture and artists belting it out to a beat that makes the kids dance.

Just to clarify:

Bendigo = Paul Kelly, Augie March, Tim Rogers, Tex Perkins/Charlie Owen/James Curickshank & Matheson

Ballarat = This Easter Saturday celebration is a FREE community event with a carnival atmosphere providing fun, food, entertainment and a message of hope for the whole family hosted by churches from across the city. Includes Free live music, jumping castles, giant games, prizes and giveaways. Also free fairy floss, popcorn, snow cones and sausage sizzle.3pm - 6:30pm - Lake Wendouree near Apex playgroundThis event is supported by the City of Ballarat, Community Grants Program.

More news as it comes to hand... I'm returning to the cave.

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