Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Show With No Name playlist Feb 26

Woulda put this up yesterday except Len and I found ourselves in the Royal Joke - a fine boozy venue in the suburb called South Central in Ballarat. Yes, hello you old skool rap fans. Bad news. A bunch of whitefolks in Commodores are prowling the streets of South Central and there's nary a cap busted in any asses... poor old Eazy-E's rotisserizing in his grave... but I digress.

After a lot of phone calls (none) and emails (none) we've decided to bung up the playlist each week. Maybe so you can get a taste of the awesome rock passion of our radio show. Maybe so I can keep track of what I'm playing so I don't end up sounding as crappily playlisted as Triple J... fuck can we hear that Pissy Huggins song again? And again?

The Return from Black Waves of Depression Special
Skyhooks - Every Chase A Steeple
ZZ Top - Enjoy and Get It On
Capsicum - Toe Tapper
Blue Oyster Cult - This Ain't the Summer of Love
Dirtbombs - Leopard Man at the C & A
John Zorn - A Shot in the Dark
Frank Zappa - I'm a Beautiful Guy
Blur - It Could Be You
Kinks - Shagri-La
New York Dolls - Jet Boy (live)
Ramones - She's a Sensation
Rose Tattoo - Nice Boys Don't Play Rock and Roll

7 O'clock rock set*
Slayer - God Send Death
Descendants - Everything Sux
The Bronx - All This Is
Misfits - From Hell They Came

David Bowie - Look Back in Anger
Sugarman 3 - Promised Land
Zoobombs - Belt Out Rock and Roll
Bellrays - Some Confusion City
Harem Scarem - Run On Down the Line
The Jesters - Cadillac Man
Nebula - Freedom
Stiff Little Fingers - Barbed Wire Love
Frank Zappa - Doreen
Bay City Rollers - Bang Shang A Lang

* where we aim to inspire serious window-down, hair flappin', sign-of-the-cow driving

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