Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What's funnier than the 2020 summit?

Wow. Fancy a town run by old white guys getting a bunch of old white guys to sit down together and smear foi gras on each other and talk a bout how seriously important they are to the future of us. Pass the buttered goose, I feel a little moochy about climate change. Is it the worst possible decision to be seen hiring a soon-to-be-helping-with-inquiries "colourful business identity" and a Murdoch yes-man to oversee an important bringing together of divergent views and opinions?

NO! It's John Mellencamp and Stephen King combining their awesome talents to make a musical. "A little ditty/About Cujo 'n Carrie/ Too American kids growin' up in the pantr-y". This will GO OFF. Much more than the Carrie Broadway show. Which just stank...

I mean, hiring Cate Blanchett to head a discussion about the future of the film industry - at a time when she's got her own production to think of? Jesus, didn't we learn when they sent in Peter 'oops where's my balls' Garrett to be Environment Minister? This will suck more arse than Molly Meldrum when Elton John's in town.

Let's face it - whenever these shiny suited New Labor governments try and fix something cultural... ohhh let's just say the closing of Melbourne's inner city music venues due to the evil influx of mortgaged-to-the-eyeballs yuppies who don't like the sounds of people having fun in their streets for example... we get a) Punters closed, b) Rainbow closed and c) the Tote on the chopping block.

When will we learn? I'm just wishing there's some anarchists left in Newtown who'll do something interesting with this summit. Something with paint. And music. And funny. Anything but smoke a thousand bongs and talk about the conospiracy theory about the secret NSA base under the US embassy and the tunnels under the Parliament.... *sigh*.... a big 23 skidoo to tin foil wearers out there!

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