Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another Tuesday, another reason to believe in rock

I've awoken on a grey tuesday in march, thinking what kind of tunes do you play on such a foetal Autumnal date. Of course, I've been indulging in some secret shame music... stuff that Lenny or MickDog would ruthlessly mock (and my poor tongueless self, by default), despite my feeble scrawlings on the VoiceFM-supplied Etch-O-Sketch for the Voice Impaired. I was abused as a child. I can't help why I like the music I do. I was even sent away to band camp and everything... a young white teenager exposed to the power and the passion of the suburban community band. This was before the accident and the ensuing job sweeping floors at an old fashioned 'student radio station' which lead to running away to join the black clothed people across the river at the 'inner city public radio station'... which is another story entirely. Sorry, my pacemaker's buzzing me.

Everybody's got a secret shame in music. Don't get me wrong, I still like finding out just how extreme - and extremely stupid rock and roll can get (ladies and gentlemen, I give you... the Irish Band.) I like trying to keep up with the youth of Ballarat and seeing what they're up to... I love finding some incredible music from waaaay off the map that you'd never ever expect to see. But I love my secret shame music. Music played in the privacy of one's home, or the high volume, dinosaur-powered isolation chamber that is the automobile, because no-one's gunna understand why you like this stuff...

And there's degrees of secret shame. Grabbing a cricket bat and rocking out to Acca Dacca may be one man's weekly fact of life in the kitchen and while another's momentary lapse of judgement to think he looks cool playing air guitar could be all a tight-suited money lizard needs to loosen up and be bit nicer to people. They'll still burn on various levels of Hell, but it's nice to be nice. Of course standing in a pub full of metal freaks and loudly proclaiming Kylie Minogue really has developed into and all-round entertainer , well, that's another thing, innit?
On with the show. I'm gonna go find Len. I hear he's been out trying to raise money to get a heavily armed team of guerillas to move in and help him re-open the Unicorn Hotel as a dedicated musuem, cinema and bar/venue.

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